Oval Floral Marcasite Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring

Oval Floral Marcasite Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring

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Made from solid sterling silver, this feminine and elegant marcasite ring in Art Nouvuea style features a fairly large amethyst gemstone. The deep purple amethyst is rich in colour, and high in clarity. A perfect gift for anyone who loves marcastite jewellery, amethyst jewellery or classic Victorian jewellery.

What we love about it: Amethyst can be found in all shades of purple, from light lavender (or rose) amethyst to the intense Siberian amethyst that displays highlights of magenta when faceted. The name Siberian is used for any rich purple material, wherever it comes from (Brazil or Africa). Siberian amethyst with an even intense purple colour is mostly prized, desired and therefore the most valuable. Good size stone with good clarity and few inclusions like this one will carry a even higher value.

- Central section size: L17mm x W14mm -

Total weight: 4.37g - Stone type: Amethyst, Siberian Amethyst -

Grade: high-grade -

Colour: intense, even, rich purple -

Clarity: excellent, very few inclusions

- Stone carat weight: 1.48ct -

Stone size: 10mm x 8mm - Cutting: oval faceted - Setting: open back bezel setting - Premium quality